Visible Impacts On The Invisible’s Lives

Visible Impact is a German non-profit organisation. We are dedicated to provide superior quality services that EMPOWER local people, INNOVATE effective solutions, and ACCELERATE the synergy of non-profit, private, and public sectors to create visible impacts on the lives of the disadvantaged, toward social cohesion and sustainable development.

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The Win-Win for Vietnam Project Celebrates Remarkable Achievements Amidst Crises

Over the past 43 months (from September 2020 to March 2024), the Win-Win for Vietnam project has faced various crises, including the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic downturns that coincided with its inception. Despite these considerable challenges, the project has achieved remarkable results, exceeding more than 51% of its targets, with some even surpassing 400%. […]

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The Conservation Fund project – Mobilise businesses and communities to join hands for biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability

At the end of 2023, the project “Establishing a funding source for biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability in Danang City, Vietnam” (in short, the Conservation Fund project) officially concluded its 3.5-year journey. The project management board organised a Closing Conference with the purpose of summarising the implementation results, sharing lessons learned, expressing gratitude to donors, […]

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Policy Advocacy: Promote Responsible Business Practices in Viet Nam

On 31st October in Ho Chi Minh City and 3rd November 2023 in Hanoi, the Policy Conference “DEVELOPMENT & IMPLEMENTATION OF POLICIES FOR PROMOTION OF “RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES”: Experience in EU, Thailand & Practice in Viet Nam – Participation of Businesses and civil society organisations” took place with the attendance of over 200 delegates from […]