The Win-Win for Vietnam Project Celebrates Remarkable Achievements Amidst Crises

The Win-Win for Vietnam Project Celebrates Remarkable Achievements Amidst Crises

Over the past 43 months (from September 2020 to March 2024), the Win-Win for Vietnam project has faced various crises, including the Covid-19 pandemic and global economic downturns that coincided with its inception. Despite these considerable challenges, the project has achieved remarkable results, exceeding more than 51% of its targets, with some even surpassing 400%. The remaining targets have been fully achieved, showcasing the project’s resilience and effectiveness.

This significant success underscores the relentless efforts, flexibility, and adaptability of the project’s implementing organisations, the strong support and oversight from the contracting authority, the European Union Delegation Viet Nam, noteworthy assistance from relevant local authorities, and the considerable interests and backing of the business and civil society sectors in Vietnam.

The Marketing for Development Awards on 29 February 2024 – Panel Discussion on “From CSR/CSV to ESG”

During the implementation, the project has conducted 29 key activities aimed at promoting collaboration for sustainability between businesses and civil society organisations (CSOs) in Vietnam. The achieved results, mostly above 100%, have shown positive impacts on the CSOs and business networks across the country. A total of 690 people from CSOs and 1.241 people from businesses had the opportunity to participate in various project activities, enhancing awareness and practical cooperation for mutual benefits in implementing the CSR/CSV (Corporate social responsibility/Creating shared value) programmes of businesses.

The project’s Closing Ceremony on 29 February 2024

The project has created a sustainable connecting space for companies and CSOs through CSVHub and the Marketing for Development – M4D Awards. Even after the project’s conclusion, the CSVHub platform remains a reliable channel for connecting businesses and CSOs in Vietnam working together for sustainable development. With a win-win approach, the project’s activities benefited both enterprises and CSOs, contributing to promoting sustainability-oriented partnerships between businesses and CSOs in the country.


The M4D awards honour firms’ marketing campaigns and initiatives for sustainable development

The project’s results have demonstrated the relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability of the project, as confirmed by the external, independent final evaluation report, in English and Vietnamese. We are immensely proud of these achievements and extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to the project.

Let’s reflect on the memorable and impactful journey within the last 3,5 years of the Win-Win for Vietnam project, supporting many disadvantaged groups of women, children, youth and local communities across Vietnam, thanks to various partnerships between companies and CSOs striving for sustainable development. Our amazing journey is captured in a short film here.

The Win-Win for Vietnam project – Review of the incredible journey

The Win-Win for Vietnam project is jointly implemented from September 2020 – March 2024, by the Institute for Research on Development Communication (RED) – lead organisation (Vietnam) and Pro NGO! e.V. (Germany), and co-funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam.

Visible Impact is partnering with Pro NGO! to conduct several project activities.