1) Responsibility & Accountability

We always aim to show our highest responsibility and accountability to our donors, partners, and especially our beneficaries. We value the ability of our staff and the organisation to honour our commitments. We seriously take ownership of our work and promptly correct mistakes to the greatest extent possibility.

      2) Integrity & Transparency

The values of integrity and transparency apply to all of our staff. In order to create trusting partnerships and working environment, we work hard to embody these principles of honesty and transparency when working with donors, partners, colleagues, and beneficiaries.

      3) Passion & Commitment

We not only work with the highest responsibility but also strongest motivation, which helps us honour and delivers our commitments with our donors, partners, and beneficiaries successfully. Passion in all we do is the energy that comes from within.

      4) Boldness & Innovation

Boldness and innovation remain the soul of our competitiveness. We are keen on taking considered risks and accepting new challenges to explore new initiatives and solutions to social and environmental problems with a certain level of prudence and a clear sightedness.

      5) Effectiveness & Efficiency 

Our organisation always aims to deliver the results at the highest possible quality with the most reasonable resources. We explore various innovations to optimise our working methods and achieve the desired goals.