1) Consulting

Thanks to a vast network of high-quality experts, Visible Impact offers a wide range of consulting services in the following fields:

  • Development cooperation in the non-profit sector, including concept guides, project designing, developing project proposals, conducting project baseline study, needs assessment, project analysis, development of communication and stakeholder mobilisation strategies, networking, establishment of cooperation mechanism, etc;
  • Cross-sector partnerships for sustainability: provide consulting services on developing and implementing strategies of multi-stakeholder engagement across various public, private, and civil society sectors;
  • Environmental, Social Governance (ESG): support companies in developing and implementing ESG strategies and plans;
  • Responsible Business Practices/Business & Human Rights: Support businesses that are driven not only by profit but also by a desire to improve life by providing environmentally safe, ethical, and equal working conditions and products.

      2) Management

Visible Impact also offers comprehensive management services, including establishing a professional implementation team, developing a project framework, conducting project planning, monitoring and evaluation, risk management, reporting (financial and narrative), communication and public awareness-raising campaign, stakeholder engagement, community mobilisation, etc.

      3) Research

Visible Impact offers research services focusing on the following topics: sustainable development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), creating shared values (CSV), Environmental, Social Governance (ESG), circular economy, Responsible Business Practices, Business & Human Rights, youth empowerment, social entrepreneurship, child labour, non-profit management, civil society governance and development.

      4) Training & Workshops

Visible Impact provides training and workshops on various topics, such as (1) project management cycle for development interventions, (2) project evaluation, (3) development of project proposals, (4) stakeholder mobilisation and engagement, (5) Sustainability-oriented issues, such as: Cross-sector partnerships for sustainability, CSR, CSV, Environment Social Governance (ESG), Responsible Business Practices, Business & Human Rights, Circular Economy, Net Zero, Carbon emission reduction, etc.

      5) Advocacy

Visible Impact also delivers advocacy services to promote the rights of the vulnerable and underprivileged, especially children, young people and women, and make sure their voices are heard.