“Bring the Forest back to life” Campaign

“Bring the Forest back to life” Campaign

On the evening of 12th August 2023, in the village of Hoa Bac (Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, Viet Nam), the Conservation Fund Project orchestrated a resounding success with a Fundraising Concert under the theme “Co Tu People – Guardians of the Forest”.

During the musical evening, the UpRace community running project committed to walking hand in hand with the fundraising initiative to plant 60.000 majestic trees in Hoa Bac. The company SFARM, a verdant garden nurturer, sponsored 40 tons of fertilizer (to enrich approximately 5 hectares of the Hoa Bac forest) and 100 trees from the CEO Club of Da Nang City. Especially, the benevolent contributors who joined the event donated more than 120 trees for the forest (1 tree ~ 2 Euro).

This event serves as the opening chapter for the “Bring the Forest Back to Life” Campaign, aiming to fund and support the Cơ-Tu minority community at Hoa Bac village by planting 60.000 robust trees to replace eucalyptus, spanning an area equivalent to 50 hectares of the native forest.

During the event, the 2023 UpRace community running event, initiated by the VNG Corporation, will unfold to continue the fundraising momentum, anticipated for October 2023. For each kilometer logged on the UpRace application by participating runners, VNG and other supporting enterprises pledge to contribute a minimum of 1,000 VND (about 40 cent Euro).

With a targeted fundraising goal of 3 billion VND (about 115.000 Euro), the project aims to turn 50 hectares of Hoa Bac into a verdant haven, anticipated to be carried out from November 2023 to 2024 by the Conservation Fund Project in cooperation with businesses and local residents to embark on a meaningful tree-planting journey.

Through this programme, an effort to rejuvenate the native forests of Hoa Bac village emerges, lending its hand to safeguarding the environment and ecosystems of Da Nang city. It seeks to mitigate natural disasters, ensure a sustainable water source, and cultivate enduring livelihoods for the community, fostering a collective embrace of cultivating substantial, majestic timber trees.

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This activity was held within the framework of the project “Establishing a funding foundation for biodiversity protection and environmental sustainability in Danang City, Vietnam” (in short, the “Conservation Fund” project) implemented by GreenViet Biodiversity Conservation Centre (GreenViet, Vietnam) – the lead and Gustav-Stresemann-Institut e. V. (GSI, Germany) and co-funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam.

Visible Impact is partnering with GSI to conduct several project components.